A Podcast About Programming

19: Quitting

Sep 12 (34 minutes)

The greatest thing in the world.

18: Screaming "cupcake rabbit" at your computer

Sep 5 (35 minutes)

There's reducers then there's transducers.

16: Devops

Aug 22 (35 minutes)

With everyone returning from Midwest.JS and Steel City Ruby, we reminisce about the conferences, complain about the post office, and debate what Devops is.

15: Code Reviews

Aug 18 (35 minutes)

You need to be replenished.

14: Pair Programming with Joe Moore

Aug 8 (36 minutes)

The one where we pair-podcast with @joem

13: Self-Promotion

Aug 4 (29 minutes)

12: Why Rails is Awesome/Terrible

Jul 25 (43 minutes)

There's so much stuff in it.

11: Quality

Jul 18 (42 minutes)

Uh, Whatever

10: Estimation (or, 80% Done)

Jul 11 (48 minutes)

The one where we earn an explicit rating.

9: Distributed Teams

Jul 3 (45 minutes)

iPad on a Segway

8: Off By One Error

Jun 27 (45 minutes)

Alan Turing, Static Site Generators, and Pam's book

6: Productivity

Jun 20 (34 minutes)

Sometimes I use a smaller glass.

5: Continuous Learning

Jun 13 (31 minutes)

The best people for the cheapest price.

3: Origin Stories

May 20 (39 minutes)

People passionate about their craft usually have an origin story. We'll explore ours today.

2: TDD is Alive again

May 12 (36 minutes)

Pam tells us about India, we discuss the developer job market, and debate TDD a bit more.

1: TDD is Dead?

May 5 (35 minutes)

We mourn the death of TDD.