A Podcast About Programming

50: Non-Minimalist Keyboards

May 20 (36 minutes)

We talk about Minimalist Shoes, Non-Minimalist Keyboards, Vim, Dokku, ActiveRecord and more.

49: Interviewering

May 11 (52 minutes)

Ransoming your infrastructure for fun and profit, semaphores versus mutexes, and interviews from the other side of the table.

48: Silent Dance Parties & The Future of Rails

May 1 (44 minutes)

We theorize on the technical feasability of silent dance parties, discuss DHH's RailsConf keynote, and talk about Elixir.

47: Jessica Kerr on Programming with Contracts, Generative Testing

Apr 24 (45 minutes)

Jessica Kerr on Programming with Contracts, Generative Testing

46: Aditya Mukerjee on Big Data, Go and moreExplicit

Apr 17 (67 minutes)

Aditya Mukerjee joins us to talk about Big Data, Go, and more.

45: 'athonsExplicit

Apr 13 (46 minutes)

Benefit from the evilness.

44: Recursive KeyboardsExplicit

Apr 1 (45 minutes)

Justin tries really hard to make a good recursion pun, but gets stuck in a loop. Also, keyboards!

43: Going Indy and Back with Michael EatonExplicit

Mar 25 (41 minutes)

Today we're joined with Michael Eaton to talk about going Independant and back to full time employment.

42: Learning New LanguagesExplicit

Mar 17 (47 minutes)

For this episode, we discuss ride-sharing services, start Twitter wars, and learn about yet another package manager.

41: What education do you need to be a programmer?Explicit

Mar 9 (43 minutes)

Discussing the difficult life of full-season-at-once releases, The CrossFit Open, and "what kind of education" it takes to be a programmer.

40: SetupsExplicit

Feb 24 (43 minutes)

39: Clearing our Backlog.Explicit

Feb 16 (28 minutes)

We go through some issues in our backlog and talk about editors, signing our work and time management.

38: Water[fall/wheel] and RewritesExplicit

Feb 6 (32 minutes)

We discuss "Waterwheel", Agile, Lean, and Rewrites.

36: End-to-End TestingExplicit

Jan 23 (34 minutes)

Pam gets back from her sunny remote office, Len tells us about board games at CodeMash, and we discuss the pros and cons of end-to-end testing.

35: Accessibility with Austin SeraphinExplicit

Jan 16 (41 minutes)

We talk with Austin Seraphin, a blind Ruby developer and accessbility consultant, about accessibility, art, and programming.

33: Flattening CombinatorsExplicit

Dec 31 (33 minutes)

The Silly Premise

32: Holiday SpectacularExplicit

Dec 24 (26 minutes)

It's the best way to not get disease.

31: Writing Software your Entire CareerExplicit

Dec 16 (30 minutes)

You can't handle the heat.

30: (Developer) HappinessExplicit

Dec 5 (40 minutes)

If you have a lifestyle…

29: 3... 2... 1... GoExplicit

Nov 27 (33 minutes)

Not the same degree of early

28: Umlauts are Metal with Kelsey Gilmore-InnisExplicit

Nov 18 (56 minutes)

Users are the enemy of your computing.

27: AgileExplicit

Nov 7 (40 minutes)

The most agile thing I've ever *****ng heard.

26: InterviewsExplicit

Oct 31 (38 minutes)

I just throw my hands in the air.

25: Jana Veliskova on Getting Started in the IndustryExplicit

Oct 24 (44 minutes)

24: TrustExplicit

Oct 20 (30 minutes)

Ridiculous ridiculousness

23: Teaching

Oct 14 (34 minutes)

Kids can be punks.

21: The iPhone 6 is too bigExplicit

Sep 26 (38 minutes)

iPhone gripes, squirrels, StrangeLoop, and vim.

20: Generalist vs. SpecialistExplicit

Sep 19 (29 minutes)

Accept no substitutions

19: QuittingExplicit

Sep 12 (34 minutes)

The greatest thing in the world.

18: Screaming "cupcake rabbit" at your computerExplicit

Sep 5 (35 minutes)

There's reducers then there's transducers.

17: write/speak/code, Junior Developers and Apprenticeships with Rebecca Miller-WebsterExplicit

Aug 29 (43 minutes)

16: Devops

Aug 22 (35 minutes)

With everyone returning from Midwest.JS and Steel City Ruby, we reminisce about the conferences, complain about the post office, and debate what Devops is.

15: Code ReviewsExplicit

Aug 18 (35 minutes)

You need to be replenished.

14: Pair Programming with Joe Moore

Aug 8 (36 minutes)

The one where we pair-podcast with @joem

13: Self-Promotion

Aug 4 (29 minutes)

12: Why Rails is Awesome/Terrible

Jul 25 (43 minutes)

There's so much stuff in it.

11: Quality

Jul 18 (42 minutes)

Uh, Whatever

10: Estimation (or, 80% Done)Explicit

Jul 11 (48 minutes)

The one where we earn an explicit rating.

9: Distributed Teams

Jul 3 (45 minutes)

iPad on a Segway

8: Off By One Error

Jun 27 (45 minutes)

Alan Turing, Static Site Generators, and Pam's book

6: Productivity

Jun 20 (34 minutes)

Sometimes I use a smaller glass.

5: Continuous Learning

Jun 13 (31 minutes)

The best people for the cheapest price.

3: Origin Stories

May 20 (39 minutes)

People passionate about their craft usually have an origin story. We'll explore ours today.

2: TDD is Alive again

May 12 (36 minutes)

Pam tells us about India, we discuss the developer job market, and debate TDD a bit more.

1: TDD is Dead?

May 5 (35 minutes)

We mourn the death of TDD.